Delcourt, 2015: Overview of all reported PxMD-PRRT2 patients

Index patientSex Ethnicity Country of originAAO Family history Symptoms Initial symptoms Reported mutations
Yesn.g.n.g.n.g.n.g.Epileptic seizures (of any type),
Migraine (any subclass)
n.g.p.Arg217Profs*8: n.g.
Yesn.g.n.g.n.g.n.g.Epileptic seizures (of any type)n.g.p.Arg217Profs*8: n.g.
Epileptic seizures (of any type),
Migraine (any subclass),
Trigger: Anxiety,
Trigger: Stress,
Trigger: Sudden movement

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n.g.p.Arg217Profs*8: n.g.
Yesn.g.n.g.n.g.YesEpileptic seizures (of any type),
Hemiplegic migraine,
Migraine (any subclass)
n.g.c.(?_-949)_(*1242_?)del: n.g.;
p.Arg217Profs*8: n.g.