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The International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society ("MDS") is a nonprofit, professional society of clinicians, scientists and other healthcare professionals dedicated to improving the care of patients with movement disorders through education and research. MDS is tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. MDS undertakes its activities in accordance with its nonprofit and tax exempt status and all applicable laws.

Liability for contents of online information

MDS makes every effort to provide timely and accurate information on the MDSGene Web site. Nevertheless, errors and inaccuracies cannot be completely ruled out. The Movement Disorder Society Genetic mutation database ("MDSGene") is provided "as is" and MDS does not assume any liability for the relevance, accuracy, completeness or quality of the information provided. MDS, its officers, directors, members, employees and agents, make no warranties or representations, express or implied, oral or in writing, with respect to MDSGene, including its fitness for a particular purpose, merchantability, quality or its non-infringement. MDS, its officers, directors, members, employees and agents, will not be liable for any damages, including indirect, special, incidental, consequential or punitive damages (including lost profits and lost data) arising out of the use or failure to use the information offered and/or through the use of faulty or incomplete information. MDS reserves the right to modify, supplement, or delete any or all of the information offered on its MDSGene Internet site, or to temporarily or permanently cease publication thereof without prior and separate notification.

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Medical information

It is not the intention of this Web site to provide specific medical advice for patients but rather to provide researchers and physicians with information to better understand the phenotypic spectrum associated with specific genetic mutations. MDS does not give medical advice or engage in the practice of medicine. MDS under no circumstances recommends particular treatment for specific individuals and in all cases recommends consulting a qualified physician for diagnosis and prior to pursuing any course of treatment.


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Clinical Interpretation of in vitro effect of mutations on LRRK2 kinase pathway activity

The extrapolation of clinical significance with regards to the results of the functional in vitro LRRK2 screen on LRRK2 kinase pathway activity performed at the University of Dundee is at the MDSGene database user’s own discretion. With evolving tools and technologies, it may be possible to extract additional and more sensitive data from each LRRK2 mutant screen. Upon request, we would be happy to consider screening additional LRRK2 variants of unknown clinical significance that MDSGene database users might be interested in.